UPPERCUT provided velugu with a layout design and strategies the newspaper architecture as a whole. Apart from publication design, we have also provided them with outdoor ad campaigns throughout the state, conceptualisation for television commercial and strategic planning for promotional activities.


We are visual storytellers who use content and layout strategy to help readers connect with ease and enhance the experience.

1. Newspaper – Magazine

We help you from conceptualizing to layout design, with designing of the highest level, courtesy our expertise in the domain.

2. Corporate Reports

We provide a dedicated team and access to integrated publishing systems while the client retains full ownership and editorial control.

3. Contract Publishing

If you want your annual report to make an impact, you need great annual report design, which our creative team does.

4. Editorial Services

We are expertise in language editing, translation, and manuscript preparation services for all our publishing needs.

Velugu Publication Design and Outdoor Campaigns

The outdoor promotions of Velugu by UPPERCUT included hoardings, billboards, buses, bus shelters, auto branding, and metro pillars etc.,

UPPERCUT also conceptualised television commercials for Velugu. The strategy was to show that Velugu was being read by everyone and the content that they provide is being beneficial to the readers, influencing their lives in some way or another.

The concept behind the Nenu Velugu ad campaign was made to reinstigate the role of newspaper in everyday life.

About Velugu:

Prabhata Velugu is a telugu daily published and circulated in the Telugu States, that does not succumb to biases and stands by the side of truth and expression.

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